Sunday, May 2, 2010


so i wuz mulling over the titles at my faevorit rental plase and kame akross 'faust' by Jan Švankmajer (1994). it had dulls and demuns witch is wut apeeled to me. this moovee elso kums frum kafkaland - prageh, and is very durteh and olde and komyounesty.

i wuz a bit konfuzed weth the plot as it had dulls and sum middle age guy poking his nose into wiiurd thingz and krazi thingz hapening. it wuz veri vizuall and enturesting, like the durektor'z othur stuff. it allmost remineds me of lynch and his wiiurd mooveez, xsept this haz stop-annemayshawn and is full of kreepi thingz.

to be breef, ill jest say it haz this man whoz got a big noze and summons god to do hiz bedding. god is reeely angri (i shuud no, i lyv with the buggar) and kursez him and we see him get skrewed royalli. than, killer klownz kum and kill everiwon and danse on the bluudy floor, trip, and get empalled temsellvez. the end.

for kool vizuallzez and kreepy wiiurdness and killer klownz, i give this moovee a A for ahsum.

~mr. fuzzypants

p.s. fcbd opinyonz to be posted when i remembur wut hapened.

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