Friday, July 9, 2010

sounds like a revolution, and othe rcrap

sum of yu mite bee wunduring ware ive been over teh last week or too. well, therez this stuupid theeng kalled 'g8/g20'. itz basikly wear piggies mygrate and take over a sity and try to strike pozez. yu see, they think their sooo kool and that everiwon luvez them sooo much that they kan jast blok streetz for foto opz.

well, aftur the fyrez and the yelling and the gunz, i went into hyding and kraped muh pantz.

aniwayz, last week i saw this moovee kalled 'sounds like a revolution' that wuz playing in toronto, here iz wut dem filmakurz are saying:

"The Carlton has extended our run! Screenings will continue from July 9th-15th 3:25 & 9:20"

(so watch it, othurwiz i eat yer babiez.)

itz a moovee that has lotz of smelly muuzishawnz and armchare peeple. the idea iz that this wurld is krappily managged by stuupid korporate peeple, and that freedum of speech is a lie kuz of them. but reely, wutz wrong with this wurld??!~ i think everitheeng is fine: i have muh fansi house, and serventz to katur to muh everi need bi verchuu of beeing fuzzy.

and no, voting on fasebook iznt the saym as voting in rl

aniwayz, theze guyz are trying to get peeple to be poletikal anemalz and to stop these stuupid korporate peeple by playing songz and voting. kuz, lyke, voting iz veri powurful stuf. theur wuz no menchawn of 'grassruutz' or othur stuff that aktyvests du. it wuz all fokused on guyz with geetarz and there voting fanz. oh, and it had lotz of annoing kloseupz of peeplz skin blotchez and pimplz.

thur were no killur klownz kuz itz a dokumentari, so i give this moove a B.

~mr. fuzzypants