Friday, July 9, 2010

sounds like a revolution, and othe rcrap

sum of yu mite bee wunduring ware ive been over teh last week or too. well, therez this stuupid theeng kalled 'g8/g20'. itz basikly wear piggies mygrate and take over a sity and try to strike pozez. yu see, they think their sooo kool and that everiwon luvez them sooo much that they kan jast blok streetz for foto opz.

well, aftur the fyrez and the yelling and the gunz, i went into hyding and kraped muh pantz.

aniwayz, last week i saw this moovee kalled 'sounds like a revolution' that wuz playing in toronto, here iz wut dem filmakurz are saying:

"The Carlton has extended our run! Screenings will continue from July 9th-15th 3:25 & 9:20"

(so watch it, othurwiz i eat yer babiez.)

itz a moovee that has lotz of smelly muuzishawnz and armchare peeple. the idea iz that this wurld is krappily managged by stuupid korporate peeple, and that freedum of speech is a lie kuz of them. but reely, wutz wrong with this wurld??!~ i think everitheeng is fine: i have muh fansi house, and serventz to katur to muh everi need bi verchuu of beeing fuzzy.

and no, voting on fasebook iznt the saym as voting in rl

aniwayz, theze guyz are trying to get peeple to be poletikal anemalz and to stop these stuupid korporate peeple by playing songz and voting. kuz, lyke, voting iz veri powurful stuf. theur wuz no menchawn of 'grassruutz' or othur stuff that aktyvests du. it wuz all fokused on guyz with geetarz and there voting fanz. oh, and it had lotz of annoing kloseupz of peeplz skin blotchez and pimplz.

thur were no killur klownz kuz itz a dokumentari, so i give this moove a B.

~mr. fuzzypants

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tonite, i wached A-TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111`````````````````\

it wuz awsum!!! boldi, doily, tiger, and the jewerly man were all in it!!

so, in kase peepel are kumpleetly kluless as to wut a teem iz, itz abowt for awsum duudz who ar fraymed for murdur kuz sum guy is a dik. but then sum chiki with masheen gun legs tryz to set them free with bazookaz. but this see eye eh guy iz a reel dik (remind aniwon of the lozers, aniwon!?).

aniwayz, a teem is much bettur. and it haz theeze xploshawnz, and therez teddy with 3d glassez, and murdock is deelitefulli ensayn!!! but this guy kalled kyke is stuupid and tryz to bazooka them all up and be mahcho, but the jewlery man izent going to take it, and he bytez his ankel off. than killur klownz storm the kontri, eat everiwonz livurz, and singz and dansez on there stuupid skullz. the end.

yu no wut i think... A+!!!!!!!!!!! (but remembur itz an akshawn moovee, so dont get krazy with stuupid xpektashawnz). AND STAY TILL AFTUR KREDETS FORE BONEUS SEENZ!!

~mr. fuzzypants

Sunday, June 13, 2010

symbol (shinboru)

sum tyme ago, i wached this moovee kalled 'symbol' by sumwon in japan. itz about a homoeratik restlur and sum gui in pajamaz and itz reely, reely wiiurd.

at furst, won mite theenk that itz a mexikan moovee kuz therez theeze nunz and restlurz speeking spanesh in sum dessert. butt itz naut. kuz than we see this japaneeze guy who iz in a room filled with evil demun chilldren. i dont want to spoill anitheeng, butt letz jast say itz waki.

letz jast say that itz about finding gawdzilla, or bekuming won, by puting on a homoerotika maask on. but than killur klownz find there maask and destroy the yuniverce, and danse on there krushed adamz. the end.

this moovee wuz reeely wiiurd but sumhow gud. i give it a A!

~mr. fuzzypants

Monday, June 7, 2010

the eye (gin gwai)

so, i watched this moovee kalled 'the eye' by the pang bruthurz (who did 're-cycle'), kuz, like all the othur ajjan mooveez, wuz remaid by stuupid holliwuud.

if yu watch it, yu miht remembur it from 'the sixth sens', witch wuz dun befor it. itz about sum gurl who is blind, but steelz sum iballz frum sum tie chik and bekumz a goestbustur. xsept, she haz no ekuipment and so iz haanted.

basikly, shez running around til sum angri hippi vilagurz burn hur - butt then killer klownz kum in and gutt there throotz and steel all there stuupid iballz for iball soop.

this moovee haz sum kreepi moementz, but itz also a bit laklustr. i give it C+ for unoreeginal stuff.

~mr. fuzzypants

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hansel and gretel

dooring the weakend, i wached this koreeean 'hoarer' moovee kalled 'hansel and gretel'. wen i piked it up, i thoht it wud be lyke the rok band, butt it wuzznt.

ensted, itz abowt a guyz mind in sum deep attik, that haz a deep foreest kumming owt of hiz head. at furst, hez having this laym kar krash and iz piked up by sum red riding hood gurl and is tayken to this majikal kassel. she apearantly wuz looking for sum bunnez who had ehskaped.

so in this kassel, all they eet iz kake and kupkakes, and peepel are turned into dollz, and stuupid preests ar triing to rool the wurld. it got wiiurd with sum orefanage krap. but thankfuli, killer klownz sayved us from the slo plot by killing everiwon and dansing on there korpsez. the end.

the moovee iz a stori abowt why yu shoondt trust kids... or adullts, or aniwon. and dont get pregnant. there ar killer bunneez, but i fell asleep aftur the bunnee moteefs ran dri. the moovee iz slow paced... needs moor umph. i give it B-

Sunday, May 30, 2010

the dark hour

so i gawt to wach this spanesh moovee kalled 'the dark hour'. itz a hoarer moovee with zombeez and goest-aleeanz and stuupid diks. itz centured on this boy kalled 'jesus' who is in the kompanee of othur juuz set in a bunkur airea sirounded bi peepel who hayte juuz (zombeez and goest-aleeanz).

were led to beeleev that there wuz this newkleer apokalips with krazi peeple with dog-hedz and an armi of zombeez who hayt spanesh peepel. theeze juu servivorz are tyred and angri and loanly and hayt theze stuupid hayturz, so thei deside to blo them all up with there gunz lyke they were brewse willus.


butt the zombeez and goest-aleeanz are moor pissed and thei piss on them, forsing the kamera gui to pan out and reelize there tru situashawn - killer klownz are xpearimenting on them before eeting there fasez - witch thei du. the end.

this moovee wuz a bit lo on the budgat, but it wuz still gud. i gev this moovee a B+ for beening a sleepur theengee.

~mr. fuzzypants

Friday, May 28, 2010

sherlock holmes

sum daiz ago, i wached this 'sherlock holmes' moovee. sherlock holmes is a peeriode peese with sum kun foo guy who mumblez to hymnself in sum wiiurd languiwh (kinda sounds like english). and he doez sum daidreeming.

he also doez sum wershipping of sum devel guy, but he bumbelz up his part in a retchuall and teh kabal get pissed and try to kill him. so he'z raysing throo london, getting drunk, getting into fihts, trying not to get killed buy teh kabel, and also trying not to shak it up with some hawt merikan chicki kuz she'z evil or sumething. waltson is theyre and is all pissi kuz sherlock kant even hold a jab.

ufc aniwon!?!??

it turnz out that sum devel lord is trying to steel the krown jewelz or wutever by killing everywon, so sherlock and watson, and the chikie all stop him - but than killer klownz appear in there entergallaktik spase ship and nuke london and the rest of the wurld, than sing and danse on there fried korpsez. the end.

the moovee wuz enturtayning for a hallewuud moovee, butt it wuz jast an akshawn moovee moor then anithing. i give it a B.

~mr. fuzzypants