Wednesday, June 2, 2010

hansel and gretel

dooring the weakend, i wached this koreeean 'hoarer' moovee kalled 'hansel and gretel'. wen i piked it up, i thoht it wud be lyke the rok band, butt it wuzznt.

ensted, itz abowt a guyz mind in sum deep attik, that haz a deep foreest kumming owt of hiz head. at furst, hez having this laym kar krash and iz piked up by sum red riding hood gurl and is tayken to this majikal kassel. she apearantly wuz looking for sum bunnez who had ehskaped.

so in this kassel, all they eet iz kake and kupkakes, and peepel are turned into dollz, and stuupid preests ar triing to rool the wurld. it got wiiurd with sum orefanage krap. but thankfuli, killer klownz sayved us from the slo plot by killing everiwon and dansing on there korpsez. the end.

the moovee iz a stori abowt why yu shoondt trust kids... or adullts, or aniwon. and dont get pregnant. there ar killer bunneez, but i fell asleep aftur the bunnee moteefs ran dri. the moovee iz slow paced... needs moor umph. i give it B-

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