Sunday, June 13, 2010

symbol (shinboru)

sum tyme ago, i wached this moovee kalled 'symbol' by sumwon in japan. itz about a homoeratik restlur and sum gui in pajamaz and itz reely, reely wiiurd.

at furst, won mite theenk that itz a mexikan moovee kuz therez theeze nunz and restlurz speeking spanesh in sum dessert. butt itz naut. kuz than we see this japaneeze guy who iz in a room filled with evil demun chilldren. i dont want to spoill anitheeng, butt letz jast say itz waki.

letz jast say that itz about finding gawdzilla, or bekuming won, by puting on a homoerotika maask on. but than killur klownz find there maask and destroy the yuniverce, and danse on there krushed adamz. the end.

this moovee wuz reeely wiiurd but sumhow gud. i give it a A!

~mr. fuzzypants

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