Friday, November 27, 2009


stuuuuupid smellis kept the komputur away from me. kafka said he needed it for homewurk or sumting... hez still in skool??!?? is he stuupid or sumting? repeeting grayydes?

the humons are talking about mooveeing after the huledayz. thats gonna be a headaek. we watched godzilla vs. the world or... battle against them all, or sumethin - it was weird and followed this annoing kid who dreams of godzilla. god didnt even come down to watch it... stuppid kat. oh yea, speeking of stuupid kats, the 'humain sosieti' blew up or sumting - thats where god came from - hez lucky hes not some mummified kat.

aniwayz, i found this word 'Thrombogenicity' on the komputer - i think its purvurted.

alsos, finally got pix of 'urban golf'. skari stuff.