Sunday, September 27, 2009


this mourning, kafka woke me up at 6 am so he could run this stuupid marathon. he killed someone... or someone died... or there was pain and blisters and suffering... or something, i wuznt listening.

he got like 35123524th place or sumthing - he blamed his nee ingeri, but i think he is just a wimp.

morall of the story? dont wake me up in the mourning!!!!@$!#$

~mr. fuzzypants

Thursday, September 24, 2009

district 9

so last nite i got to see 'district 9' - i was smuguled into the theatur like some third world mygrant - i wasnt happy about that, let me tell you!

so the moovee had these aeliens who were grumpy and peepel having sex for kat food and evil peepel being real dicks and peeple xplouding!!! it wuz awsum!!! i was cheering and dansing as they kept xplouding... blood everiwhere. i was asking kafka and squishy if i could have sex and make heads xploud and they were like shut the fuck up were trying tow atch the moovee.

so it got me thinking about making this film where this really fuzzy guy whos pissed off goes around a city blowing peepel up... and everyone is trying to get into his pants cuz hes all hot and hes like... sure get in my pants but i got to kill this guy - and the guys head xplouds all over the room and peepel are screeming and hes like fuck yall and then he klownes himself and sends himself into the past where he fucks the future and travles to eegept on another planet where he becomes fairoh and enslaves the peepel there and they build statews for him.

squishy and kafka ignored my idea so i thought id post it here.

anywayz, i give this moovee a A for head exploushawn awsumnes ( <-- trailer!)

~mr. fuzzypants

Saturday, September 19, 2009


2 nites ago, the humons saw 'zombieland' without me.... mayks me so angri!!!!! they told me about it last nite.

its narate-ed by this 'soshally awwkword' kid who sirvives a zombie apakalips. it is sumwhat stileishly done, but still has that 'halliwould touch' (the youjawool suspeks). still, they say it was fun to watch, and funny, and how can you say 'no' to this woody harrelson guy and a kameo by 'BM'.

jujing by plot, its a bromancer... err.. rowmantik komedi zombie flik... but it wuz dun with 'shawn of the dead!!!' still, it was fun to watch.

i give it a 'B'-grade poop (yes, now were 'grading')

p.s. i have no idea how god got to post here, but hes not doing it again!!!

~mr. fuzzypants

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Katamari Damacy

squeeak... squeeek... *squeaky hum*

Katamari Damacy

Meow... meow...... meow...? *squeaky hum* squeeeak. squeeeeak. *annoyingly long squeaky hum*.


3.5 *squeaky hum* 5 squeeeak.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


meow, squeeak, squek..... purrrrrr.

bitch slap

yesturday... at midnite madness (tiff), i watched this moovee kalled 'bitch slap', and it had these gurls (everione thought they were hot, but they all look the saym to me), and also aktors from Herculese and Zena (Zena, Herculese and their sidekicks were all in it).

baysikly, these gurls were in a desert and people were getting there asez kicked... or slapped. had all thez flashbaks... to weird and onederful places. i think they kalled it 'blue screen'. insanely blue screen... and exploshawns!!!!

i wuz konfuzed.... their wuz lots of mammary glands and posteriors. like... lots of it. and the gurls were acting like bitches. i kried when -censored- died.... while may be i dont get it, the humons enjoyed it and said that "yes, itz sappose to be an xploytateve moovee hiliting the oneders of the posterior and mammary glands... and slapping... and kevin sorbo. deal with it."

i didnt no what wuz going on... so i gave it 1 out of 5... but the humons insisted that i rayz it to a respekible 3.5 out of five poops.

3.5 out of 5 poops!!!


~mr. fuzzypants

Monday, September 14, 2009

more muskoka pix!!

more pix!!

me posing by a small fameli grayve plot!!

nother shot of me by grayv!!

me posing on a tuumstown!

nother shot of me by tuumstown!

me and sir swiggles and doggie in a forest.

me and sir swiggle sna doggie by a big rok!

look how big it is!!! were so brayv!!

stuupid humons in the piktur...

sir swiggles and doggie reeding...

their spiing on us!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009


so we took this trayn to a place kalled alldershot stayshawn. on bord we watched 'whale rider' and a little bit of 'dune'. at alldershot, we met kafka's parents and took a van up north into the willderness. the landskayp changed... more rokky and treey... it was prettie.

we stayied there for two dayz. we took sum walks, saw lots of treez and this evil layk. i went to the dock to see the water... and a gust of wind nocked me into the water1!!! i got wet and mizerbal... it was tearable. stuupid layk.

they had this bon fyre... it was skari so i watched from the baalkoni and got kold...... and these bats and racoons and stuff all got klose... skari.

then we left, and i wuz glad. nice plays - but too skari.

me on the baalkoni.

me and squishy on the baalkoni.

me surfing on a boat.

me looking at evil layk...

me after falling into evil layk........

more pix layter...

~mr. fuzzypants

Saturday, September 12, 2009

im bak!!! (winsor)


im bak from vaykayshawn!!! did yu miss me!??!??11 i spent too dayz in winsor and a few in musskoka. it wuz ahhsum!!!

the humons, squishy and kafka, were with me, my antorage as they say. we took a trayn to winsor. it wuz ok... seets were a bit uncomforutible. but the humons took my komputor so we watched mooveez, like 'aliens resurrection' and the lol moovee of the year, 'twilight'. we rofflecopterd cuz it wuz silly.

the toyletz were dissgusting... piss on the floor.

winsor wuz a dump... ruinz evriwhere. we saw squishy's family and ate and played kards. oh yah!!! we went to 'build-a-bear' and got me sum new stufff!!@! got me a bakpak, and a carrie-bag thing for me to travel in. yay!!!

oh yah.. this guy... 'sir swiggles' and his 'doggie' came with me too... hez alrite... but i wuz getting bad dreamz when he slept near me.

whew... im tired - gonna sleep. more on trip later.

im trying to edit the piks so it will be a day or so beefore they are all up.

me posing in squishy's parents house!

me and sir swiggles and doggie!

the parent's baysment... scari, huh!?

this is.... winsor!!!!

more of winsor...

Friday, September 4, 2009


tommorow, i am going away on vaykayshawn to winsor and muskoka!! god isnt cuming!!! just the smellies. im going to take pikturs n stuff. ill be gone for a week, but when i get bak, ill have pix!!! and ill see 'district 9'!!!

hope yu dont miss me!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


last nite, kafka took me on hs scari bike to the moovee theater to see the nu moovee '9'. squishy was so happi to see me there, and we have kookies. yum!

so the moovee 9 is all animated b y komputer. it is set in a post-apokalips world where all the smelly humons are dead! yay!! but it has these masheens that are evul and kool. the animayshons are well dun and the karakters are neat (designs, etc.). its not dizni so things die for gud. i had a gud time wahching it, but felt there was some room for empruvment near the end (its ok, but needed more wurk).

i give this moovee 3.5 out of 5 poops!!

~mr. fuzzypants

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


peeple hav bean telling me i hav veri bad speling skillz, and grammer. kafka and squishy hav me and god taking lesons so that pee ple can undurstand us. skool is hard but im lerning!! (more than god aniwayz).

also, peeple say i am inkonsistant with spelliingz and grammer. yes, this is tru. but yu shuld no that when i dont get my sleeep i get relly bad!! i need 16-22 ours sleep a day to be gud.

kafka said i will go to see 'district 9' on thursday so another moovee revu soon!