Sunday, September 13, 2009


so we took this trayn to a place kalled alldershot stayshawn. on bord we watched 'whale rider' and a little bit of 'dune'. at alldershot, we met kafka's parents and took a van up north into the willderness. the landskayp changed... more rokky and treey... it was prettie.

we stayied there for two dayz. we took sum walks, saw lots of treez and this evil layk. i went to the dock to see the water... and a gust of wind nocked me into the water1!!! i got wet and mizerbal... it was tearable. stuupid layk.

they had this bon fyre... it was skari so i watched from the baalkoni and got kold...... and these bats and racoons and stuff all got klose... skari.

then we left, and i wuz glad. nice plays - but too skari.

me on the baalkoni.

me and squishy on the baalkoni.

me surfing on a boat.

me looking at evil layk...

me after falling into evil layk........

more pix layter...

~mr. fuzzypants

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