Saturday, September 12, 2009

im bak!!! (winsor)


im bak from vaykayshawn!!! did yu miss me!??!??11 i spent too dayz in winsor and a few in musskoka. it wuz ahhsum!!!

the humons, squishy and kafka, were with me, my antorage as they say. we took a trayn to winsor. it wuz ok... seets were a bit uncomforutible. but the humons took my komputor so we watched mooveez, like 'aliens resurrection' and the lol moovee of the year, 'twilight'. we rofflecopterd cuz it wuz silly.

the toyletz were dissgusting... piss on the floor.

winsor wuz a dump... ruinz evriwhere. we saw squishy's family and ate and played kards. oh yah!!! we went to 'build-a-bear' and got me sum new stufff!!@! got me a bakpak, and a carrie-bag thing for me to travel in. yay!!!

oh yah.. this guy... 'sir swiggles' and his 'doggie' came with me too... hez alrite... but i wuz getting bad dreamz when he slept near me.

whew... im tired - gonna sleep. more on trip later.

im trying to edit the piks so it will be a day or so beefore they are all up.

me posing in squishy's parents house!

me and sir swiggles and doggie!

the parent's baysment... scari, huh!?

this is.... winsor!!!!

more of winsor...

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