Thursday, September 3, 2009


last nite, kafka took me on hs scari bike to the moovee theater to see the nu moovee '9'. squishy was so happi to see me there, and we have kookies. yum!

so the moovee 9 is all animated b y komputer. it is set in a post-apokalips world where all the smelly humons are dead! yay!! but it has these masheens that are evul and kool. the animayshons are well dun and the karakters are neat (designs, etc.). its not dizni so things die for gud. i had a gud time wahching it, but felt there was some room for empruvment near the end (its ok, but needed more wurk).

i give this moovee 3.5 out of 5 poops!!

~mr. fuzzypants

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