Tuesday, September 15, 2009

bitch slap

yesturday... at midnite madness (tiff), i watched this moovee kalled 'bitch slap', and it had these gurls (everione thought they were hot, but they all look the saym to me), and also aktors from Herculese and Zena (Zena, Herculese and their sidekicks were all in it).

baysikly, these gurls were in a desert and people were getting there asez kicked... or slapped. had all thez flashbaks... to weird and onederful places. i think they kalled it 'blue screen'. insanely blue screen... and exploshawns!!!!

i wuz konfuzed.... their wuz lots of mammary glands and posteriors. like... lots of it. and the gurls were acting like bitches. i kried when -censored- died.... while may be i dont get it, the humons enjoyed it and said that "yes, itz sappose to be an xploytateve moovee hiliting the oneders of the posterior and mammary glands... and slapping... and kevin sorbo. deal with it."

i didnt no what wuz going on... so i gave it 1 out of 5... but the humons insisted that i rayz it to a respekible 3.5 out of five poops.

3.5 out of 5 poops!!!


~mr. fuzzypants

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