Thursday, September 24, 2009

district 9

so last nite i got to see 'district 9' - i was smuguled into the theatur like some third world mygrant - i wasnt happy about that, let me tell you!

so the moovee had these aeliens who were grumpy and peepel having sex for kat food and evil peepel being real dicks and peeple xplouding!!! it wuz awsum!!! i was cheering and dansing as they kept xplouding... blood everiwhere. i was asking kafka and squishy if i could have sex and make heads xploud and they were like shut the fuck up were trying tow atch the moovee.

so it got me thinking about making this film where this really fuzzy guy whos pissed off goes around a city blowing peepel up... and everyone is trying to get into his pants cuz hes all hot and hes like... sure get in my pants but i got to kill this guy - and the guys head xplouds all over the room and peepel are screeming and hes like fuck yall and then he klownes himself and sends himself into the past where he fucks the future and travles to eegept on another planet where he becomes fairoh and enslaves the peepel there and they build statews for him.

squishy and kafka ignored my idea so i thought id post it here.

anywayz, i give this moovee a A for head exploushawn awsumnes ( <-- trailer!)

~mr. fuzzypants

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