Saturday, September 19, 2009


2 nites ago, the humons saw 'zombieland' without me.... mayks me so angri!!!!! they told me about it last nite.

its narate-ed by this 'soshally awwkword' kid who sirvives a zombie apakalips. it is sumwhat stileishly done, but still has that 'halliwould touch' (the youjawool suspeks). still, they say it was fun to watch, and funny, and how can you say 'no' to this woody harrelson guy and a kameo by 'BM'.

jujing by plot, its a bromancer... err.. rowmantik komedi zombie flik... but it wuz dun with 'shawn of the dead!!!' still, it was fun to watch.

i give it a 'B'-grade poop (yes, now were 'grading')

p.s. i have no idea how god got to post here, but hes not doing it again!!!

~mr. fuzzypants

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