Thursday, December 24, 2009


have a dreedful/gleeful ragnarokmas, all you heethans!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

the 'holehdayz'

finally got some pikturs up of me

i wuz gonna post this last nite, but -sumone- had to be away at sum weird pagan event where peeple eat fire and this pahraid of kostumed things and drummi jaz.

this is whut i no of 'winter soulstes celeberation' (told to me by kafka and squishy): its this get-together of peeeple to commemerate the day of being furtherst away from the sun and its evil sun beams. peeple prey to there gods and fire or neet things happen... i dont no. kafka went to their 'fest' and said it wuz grate, and it had naytiv aborigineez and fire danserz and beevers and other animals. i wish i couldve went but sumone wuz a jerk.

aniwayz, ththis is a spesial time, around soulstis, where peeple caleberte byh giving gifs of kole to each other and we feed the kole to the Grate Furnass kalled "Economy" so that we can stay warm enough to not freez to death. datz why its emportant to konsume as much as possable so we can be konsidured 'good' and get more kole.

their is also another spesial day aftur 'soulstis' kalled ragnarokmas - the day of antisipayshawn of the grate klown apokalips - a day to honor and antisipayte the day where millionz of heethens die by killer klowns, who later sing and danse on their corpses. so happy (beelated) soulstis and ragnarokmas!!!

~mr. fuzzypants

"The Winter Stalker" By Stephen Reedy & Alex Pardee from ZerofriendsFilms on Vimeo.

playing zombee!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


last nite i watched this moovee kalled 'avatar', ritten, dureketed, prodoosed, skored, koreograffed, and dicktated by james cameron.

it has these meethead armi brats in a tropikal world of awwsum. theres these fliing mahcheens and greeny-blue savage peeple who like sweening on vines like tarzan. their so primitive and dumb, not like the colonies who have all these sientists, and politishans. speeking of politiks, it has it. theres this talk of 'rites' and 'inviralmentalizm' and it gets stuupid like sum stuupid komparison to hitler or rumsfeld or israel.

and it has the aleeian chik!!! shes so hawt and awwsum. its woerf seeing the mooovee just for her.

so this legless guy coms up and gets changed into the savege peeple and goes naytev, much to the annoiance of his armi bossez. so tenshon builds and sum fights and then the naytivs fight back in this epik fight. then killer klownz fly in and kill everiwon, and the armi breaks out into song and danse with the killer klownz. the end.

i give this moovee a B+ for efort.

~mr. fuzzypants

Official Avatar Movie

Saturday, December 12, 2009


i have these pix that wer taken of me sum dayz ago, but the slakers havent uplouded them. they say after exxhams or whatever.


we say this moovee kalled 'pontypool' - it was creepyskari - or at leest thats what they tell me cinse i slept thruh it all. from what i red online, its sum sort of 'entellectchual' zombii moovee with some radio guy. soudns boring. its kanadian too, so its gotta be dreeri, depressing, and boring.

but thats not what the smellies say - they say its well directed and interesting - it grips you or stuupid stuff like that. all i no is that sum guy who likes his voice keeps talking and waking me up with his hate of the town... or his life, and tries to kill his coworker. when i was awake i was konfuzed cuz they thought what i was saying was gonna kill them. how can they hear me!?!@

but aniwayz, they get reely despirate and kall for help - and help coms... in the form of the amarikan armi who cant speak englesh for shit, blow up half the town and reskue the radio brats. but then killer klowns fly in and kill everyone and break into song and danse. the end.

i dont no... the smellies say it was good but i thought it was stuupid... i give it D- but im -forced- to give it an A. @#%#@$!

~mr. fuzzypants

a killer klown just stabbed him in the bak.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

berfday n stuff

so it wuz my berfday yesturday!!!!! well... i think, i cant remember when i waz boarn - i just remember been put in plastik rap and boxxed... it was ahfull. they say i caym from china but also japan... i'm konfuzed.

aniwayz, i had a parti and peeple came just to se emee!!! we played this zomebee game and it was fun and we had lots of whine to drink. then there was this guy kalled awwmed who takled about this moovee kalled 2010 or 2012 or sumting.. and things blowing up.. it sounded kool... i wanna see it. so we had kupkakes... but no presents!!!!!! squishy and kafka just gave them away instead of me getting it all... i thought i wuz suppose to get tons of things! whatever... squishy made me this skarf so im happy with that.

kafka has been hogging the komputer, saying his skool is more important than sum stuupid blog that no one ever reads. that's sooo not true, amirite?! anywayz, hez always mean and grumpi and i think skool is the kause... but he might normally be like this....

anywayz... were mooving soon and squishy keeps talking about how excited she is to move. weirdo...

pix of me and god!!

Friday, November 27, 2009


stuuuuupid smellis kept the komputur away from me. kafka said he needed it for homewurk or sumting... hez still in skool??!?? is he stuupid or sumting? repeeting grayydes?

the humons are talking about mooveeing after the huledayz. thats gonna be a headaek. we watched godzilla vs. the world or... battle against them all, or sumethin - it was weird and followed this annoing kid who dreams of godzilla. god didnt even come down to watch it... stuppid kat. oh yea, speeking of stuupid kats, the 'humain sosieti' blew up or sumting - thats where god came from - hez lucky hes not some mummified kat.

aniwayz, i found this word 'Thrombogenicity' on the komputer - i think its purvurted.

alsos, finally got pix of 'urban golf'. skari stuff.

Friday, October 30, 2009

hallowween costhume!

i am sew kute! i woor this for the toronto urban golf event this past sundae. still waeting for moor pics from that event from hoomans. like i'm still waeting for pics from winsor from like lotsa weeks ago! hoomans are eerie-spawn-sible as they are smelly.

i will ware costhume for hallowween tomoro. squishy says that if it dosen't rane i can go twick and tweeting but i will for shure go to a halowweeny partee at sum bar dountoun with the smellees. cant wate! my costhume kiks ass!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

oktoebur moovee fest!

so for oktoebur, me and the smellies are waching scari mooveez and halloween stuff. (k, oktoebur is half over now but the smellies were bizzy working on halloween cost-humes and crap and woodn't help me update my blog.)

this week we watched 'the addams family' and 'addams family values'. it was horefek from the yuki abbnormal freeks who thought the addams were 'weird' and wanted to steel theyre money. stuupid loiyer freeks and sneeki peepel.

there waz a lot of cool stuff like burning things, canneballizem, homoside, enfanteside,, death, gilloteen, nivz, blood splatter, extc. but the second one was better. better ritten.

soon is nightmare on elm street reevuuz!!!

~mr. fuzzypants

The Fuzzypants Family: me, kafka, squishy, and god, drawn by me!(with help from squishy)

i want a devil puppet!

Cannonbullism is fun!!!

Cousin Itt. Possibul distant relativv of mine?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i just wanted to say that the mithbusturs are awwsum!!!

moovee reevuus soon!!! (addams family, nightmare on elm street)

yes, their old, but i can still reevuu them

~mr. fuzzypants

Saturday, October 10, 2009

winsor (again)

im in winsor now and i gotta new dresss!!! i look so pretty adn cute - imma pretty gurl!!!, but kafka doesnt think i look apporpriate, needs more gewlry or sumthing. anywayz, kafka and squishy are making theeze masks and stuff for golf or hallowween and its scary. i want one!!

pix later cuz kafka was lazy and they dont have kamuras in winsor...

~mr. fuzzypants

Monday, October 5, 2009

that art nite thing

so last nite i went and saw this newy blanch thing. there were lots of arts on the streets and i saw some of thiim, mostly at this place called 'leburti village', which was full of aflooant twits and annoying brats, and a bit of 'parkdayl'. i wanted to kick them.

so we saw sum flash lights in the sky, abandoned wearhowzes turned into video art stuff, karbord howzes, poetry, pilons, dansing konstrukshawn kranes, dias de la muerte bellydancers and skeletons, sorry bag people, cries from ethnografic people, and hobo utopio (some sort of bum heaven - but it had meat so kafka wussed out and just had the hot chokolet).

it was weird, but i kinda liked it. as the nite progressed it got worse with drunken idiots from the bar scene ruining everything... i hates them. kafka and squishy saw this giant bunny made out of silver or sumthing, but i got cold and stayed inside.

they said it was interesting but not as fun as last year cuz they had colds or the art wasn't as interesting or sumthing i didn't listen.

~mr. fuzzypants

some bamboo thingy behind me

me and pilons!!!

karbord howzes

hobo utopio

i dont no...


that giant bunny i didnt see

Sunday, September 27, 2009


this mourning, kafka woke me up at 6 am so he could run this stuupid marathon. he killed someone... or someone died... or there was pain and blisters and suffering... or something, i wuznt listening.

he got like 35123524th place or sumthing - he blamed his nee ingeri, but i think he is just a wimp.

morall of the story? dont wake me up in the mourning!!!!@$!#$

~mr. fuzzypants

Thursday, September 24, 2009

district 9

so last nite i got to see 'district 9' - i was smuguled into the theatur like some third world mygrant - i wasnt happy about that, let me tell you!

so the moovee had these aeliens who were grumpy and peepel having sex for kat food and evil peepel being real dicks and peeple xplouding!!! it wuz awsum!!! i was cheering and dansing as they kept xplouding... blood everiwhere. i was asking kafka and squishy if i could have sex and make heads xploud and they were like shut the fuck up were trying tow atch the moovee.

so it got me thinking about making this film where this really fuzzy guy whos pissed off goes around a city blowing peepel up... and everyone is trying to get into his pants cuz hes all hot and hes like... sure get in my pants but i got to kill this guy - and the guys head xplouds all over the room and peepel are screeming and hes like fuck yall and then he klownes himself and sends himself into the past where he fucks the future and travles to eegept on another planet where he becomes fairoh and enslaves the peepel there and they build statews for him.

squishy and kafka ignored my idea so i thought id post it here.

anywayz, i give this moovee a A for head exploushawn awsumnes ( <-- trailer!)

~mr. fuzzypants

Saturday, September 19, 2009


2 nites ago, the humons saw 'zombieland' without me.... mayks me so angri!!!!! they told me about it last nite.

its narate-ed by this 'soshally awwkword' kid who sirvives a zombie apakalips. it is sumwhat stileishly done, but still has that 'halliwould touch' (the youjawool suspeks). still, they say it was fun to watch, and funny, and how can you say 'no' to this woody harrelson guy and a kameo by 'BM'.

jujing by plot, its a bromancer... err.. rowmantik komedi zombie flik... but it wuz dun with 'shawn of the dead!!!' still, it was fun to watch.

i give it a 'B'-grade poop (yes, now were 'grading')

p.s. i have no idea how god got to post here, but hes not doing it again!!!

~mr. fuzzypants

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Katamari Damacy

squeeak... squeeek... *squeaky hum*

Katamari Damacy

Meow... meow...... meow...? *squeaky hum* squeeeak. squeeeeak. *annoyingly long squeaky hum*.


3.5 *squeaky hum* 5 squeeeak.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009


meow, squeeak, squek..... purrrrrr.

bitch slap

yesturday... at midnite madness (tiff), i watched this moovee kalled 'bitch slap', and it had these gurls (everione thought they were hot, but they all look the saym to me), and also aktors from Herculese and Zena (Zena, Herculese and their sidekicks were all in it).

baysikly, these gurls were in a desert and people were getting there asez kicked... or slapped. had all thez flashbaks... to weird and onederful places. i think they kalled it 'blue screen'. insanely blue screen... and exploshawns!!!!

i wuz konfuzed.... their wuz lots of mammary glands and posteriors. like... lots of it. and the gurls were acting like bitches. i kried when -censored- died.... while may be i dont get it, the humons enjoyed it and said that "yes, itz sappose to be an xploytateve moovee hiliting the oneders of the posterior and mammary glands... and slapping... and kevin sorbo. deal with it."

i didnt no what wuz going on... so i gave it 1 out of 5... but the humons insisted that i rayz it to a respekible 3.5 out of five poops.

3.5 out of 5 poops!!!


~mr. fuzzypants

Monday, September 14, 2009

more muskoka pix!!

more pix!!

me posing by a small fameli grayve plot!!

nother shot of me by grayv!!

me posing on a tuumstown!

nother shot of me by tuumstown!

me and sir swiggles and doggie in a forest.

me and sir swiggle sna doggie by a big rok!

look how big it is!!! were so brayv!!

stuupid humons in the piktur...

sir swiggles and doggie reeding...

their spiing on us!!!