Sunday, December 6, 2009

berfday n stuff

so it wuz my berfday yesturday!!!!! well... i think, i cant remember when i waz boarn - i just remember been put in plastik rap and boxxed... it was ahfull. they say i caym from china but also japan... i'm konfuzed.

aniwayz, i had a parti and peeple came just to se emee!!! we played this zomebee game and it was fun and we had lots of whine to drink. then there was this guy kalled awwmed who takled about this moovee kalled 2010 or 2012 or sumting.. and things blowing up.. it sounded kool... i wanna see it. so we had kupkakes... but no presents!!!!!! squishy and kafka just gave them away instead of me getting it all... i thought i wuz suppose to get tons of things! whatever... squishy made me this skarf so im happy with that.

kafka has been hogging the komputer, saying his skool is more important than sum stuupid blog that no one ever reads. that's sooo not true, amirite?! anywayz, hez always mean and grumpi and i think skool is the kause... but he might normally be like this....

anywayz... were mooving soon and squishy keeps talking about how excited she is to move. weirdo...

pix of me and god!!

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