Saturday, December 12, 2009


i have these pix that wer taken of me sum dayz ago, but the slakers havent uplouded them. they say after exxhams or whatever.


we say this moovee kalled 'pontypool' - it was creepyskari - or at leest thats what they tell me cinse i slept thruh it all. from what i red online, its sum sort of 'entellectchual' zombii moovee with some radio guy. soudns boring. its kanadian too, so its gotta be dreeri, depressing, and boring.

but thats not what the smellies say - they say its well directed and interesting - it grips you or stuupid stuff like that. all i no is that sum guy who likes his voice keeps talking and waking me up with his hate of the town... or his life, and tries to kill his coworker. when i was awake i was konfuzed cuz they thought what i was saying was gonna kill them. how can they hear me!?!@

but aniwayz, they get reely despirate and kall for help - and help coms... in the form of the amarikan armi who cant speak englesh for shit, blow up half the town and reskue the radio brats. but then killer klowns fly in and kill everyone and break into song and danse. the end.

i dont no... the smellies say it was good but i thought it was stuupid... i give it D- but im -forced- to give it an A. @#%#@$!

~mr. fuzzypants

a killer klown just stabbed him in the bak.

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