Wednesday, December 16, 2009


last nite i watched this moovee kalled 'avatar', ritten, dureketed, prodoosed, skored, koreograffed, and dicktated by james cameron.

it has these meethead armi brats in a tropikal world of awwsum. theres these fliing mahcheens and greeny-blue savage peeple who like sweening on vines like tarzan. their so primitive and dumb, not like the colonies who have all these sientists, and politishans. speeking of politiks, it has it. theres this talk of 'rites' and 'inviralmentalizm' and it gets stuupid like sum stuupid komparison to hitler or rumsfeld or israel.

and it has the aleeian chik!!! shes so hawt and awwsum. its woerf seeing the mooovee just for her.

so this legless guy coms up and gets changed into the savege peeple and goes naytev, much to the annoiance of his armi bossez. so tenshon builds and sum fights and then the naytivs fight back in this epik fight. then killer klownz fly in and kill everiwon, and the armi breaks out into song and danse with the killer klownz. the end.

i give this moovee a B+ for efort.

~mr. fuzzypants

Official Avatar Movie

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