Monday, October 5, 2009

that art nite thing

so last nite i went and saw this newy blanch thing. there were lots of arts on the streets and i saw some of thiim, mostly at this place called 'leburti village', which was full of aflooant twits and annoying brats, and a bit of 'parkdayl'. i wanted to kick them.

so we saw sum flash lights in the sky, abandoned wearhowzes turned into video art stuff, karbord howzes, poetry, pilons, dansing konstrukshawn kranes, dias de la muerte bellydancers and skeletons, sorry bag people, cries from ethnografic people, and hobo utopio (some sort of bum heaven - but it had meat so kafka wussed out and just had the hot chokolet).

it was weird, but i kinda liked it. as the nite progressed it got worse with drunken idiots from the bar scene ruining everything... i hates them. kafka and squishy saw this giant bunny made out of silver or sumthing, but i got cold and stayed inside.

they said it was interesting but not as fun as last year cuz they had colds or the art wasn't as interesting or sumthing i didn't listen.

~mr. fuzzypants

some bamboo thingy behind me

me and pilons!!!

karbord howzes

hobo utopio

i dont no...


that giant bunny i didnt see

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