Monday, June 7, 2010

the eye (gin gwai)

so, i watched this moovee kalled 'the eye' by the pang bruthurz (who did 're-cycle'), kuz, like all the othur ajjan mooveez, wuz remaid by stuupid holliwuud.

if yu watch it, yu miht remembur it from 'the sixth sens', witch wuz dun befor it. itz about sum gurl who is blind, but steelz sum iballz frum sum tie chik and bekumz a goestbustur. xsept, she haz no ekuipment and so iz haanted.

basikly, shez running around til sum angri hippi vilagurz burn hur - butt then killer klownz kum in and gutt there throotz and steel all there stuupid iballz for iball soop.

this moovee haz sum kreepi moementz, but itz also a bit laklustr. i give it C+ for unoreeginal stuff.

~mr. fuzzypants

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