Sunday, May 30, 2010

the dark hour

so i gawt to wach this spanesh moovee kalled 'the dark hour'. itz a hoarer moovee with zombeez and goest-aleeanz and stuupid diks. itz centured on this boy kalled 'jesus' who is in the kompanee of othur juuz set in a bunkur airea sirounded bi peepel who hayte juuz (zombeez and goest-aleeanz).

were led to beeleev that there wuz this newkleer apokalips with krazi peeple with dog-hedz and an armi of zombeez who hayt spanesh peepel. theeze juu servivorz are tyred and angri and loanly and hayt theze stuupid hayturz, so thei deside to blo them all up with there gunz lyke they were brewse willus.


butt the zombeez and goest-aleeanz are moor pissed and thei piss on them, forsing the kamera gui to pan out and reelize there tru situashawn - killer klownz are xpearimenting on them before eeting there fasez - witch thei du. the end.

this moovee wuz a bit lo on the budgat, but it wuz still gud. i gev this moovee a B+ for beening a sleepur theengee.

~mr. fuzzypants

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