Monday, May 3, 2010

living in oblivion

sumtymez i think my lyff is a moovee or a dreem, and than i saa a moovee that konfirmz muh suspishawnz, 'living in oblivion'.

this moovee is durekted by 'steve buscemi', otherwize none as 'broadway bob dannunzio' in that toretur porn moovee 'art school confidential', and 'neil' from 'final fantasy: the spirits within', the faelled atempt of square to brake free from gaymez.

i wood kall it a veri shourt fillm kauze it only haz three seenz: one mylk fest with lazor catapillar ninjaz, one love seen ware brad pitt gets ataked by pyritz, and one david lynch rip off with kreepy olde laydiz triing to rape sum dwarf. it wuz reeelly tuching me, it wuz reeelly emoshawnal.

i wood rekommend this fillm to aniwon who wantz to no wut steve buscemi is reeely like. i give this fillm A for oddashus.

~mr. fuzzypants

p.s. SUM peeple think i blathur too much cuz they have ADD or wutever, so im keeping it short from now on.

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