Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the burrowers

so i wuz given this kopy of 'the burrowers', witch is abowt theze peepel who rent mooveez from 'eyesore cinema' and poest reevuuz abowt em.

the moovee is abowt this guy who iz kalled koffee (i kall him sir pisses-a-lot) who saw sum mayk owt sesshawn beetween a chiki, an olde dued, and mistearius otherz, and got jealoused but was too skared to joyn.

so sum diks in soljur suets get all hiped up and think itz theze eeleegal aelianz kalled suu'z, utu'z, or skwall'z (i get konfuzed i dont no who is wut) that iz mayking owt with everiwon. so they bring this 'kru' of a gae wite preest who theenks hez in charg, with this guy kalled pastor (who is smelli), sum token blak guy kalled chef cuz hes a kook, and this boy-man whoz never had sex.

feeld upon feeld we go with these guyz, with sum skwall guy saying there all skruued kuz there stuupid. we than see sum stuupid random soljur guyz get killed bi sum vampi-burro-bunneez so the 'kru' think there soljur addventoor is laym so they leev to hunt rabbetz.

so, smelli pastor gets bored and usurps as leedur when the gae preest is maymed by soshal justise aktevests kuz they were throoing poo at a tree and it got pissed. but than the boy-man goez of and kollects this komatos-unded gurl and propozez marage and tryz to mayke owt with her. but jast before he kan kiss her, sum ball busting bunneez drop him a rowhipinall and dayte raype the boy ensted.

the chiki the boy-man has the hawts fore

the smelli pastor is pretti laym as leedur, thinking itd be hawt to go to a taatoo konvenshawn with a skwall chiki, forcing chef and sir pisses-a-lot to kum with him. butt pastor is all pissy kuz the konvenshawn is over, so he finds sum utu guyz and goes fishing with em.

jast wen we think everithing is fine and the kredits are rolling, killer klownz show up, pissed kuz there bunniez were eaten, so they kill everiwon and sing and danse on there korpses. but they get huntgri, so they fest on chef's leg kuz its tender. the end.


over all, the moovee has graatuetus kartuun skwall deth kuz of that moovee kalled lost in tranzlayshawn with bill murri. itz a rowmantec tragedi, mostly kuz of the deth of the vampi burro-bunneez (why are monsturz alwayz so hayted!!?!?). it wuz so deepresing, but okay, so i give it a B for bowdayshawss bunnez.

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