Wednesday, May 12, 2010


tcaf!!!!! in kayse u dont no, tcaf is the 'toreonto komix aretz fesstival' and itz set at the liebrareri neerbi that ritzi, preetenshus peese of poop plase kalled 'yorkville'. thatz were bikurz and bumz get killed cuz their poor and smelli.

so, tcaf is full of aretests, riterz, publeshurz, and wannabeez who tri to get yur attenshawn and bi there stuf. sumtymz they have theze thingz kalled 'panalz' ware your in this room and they talk about zombee apokalips, druggie hipsturz, and koolaid. jenurally, many freekz and skari haflingz run round in stroolurz, yelling at there golumz to bi crap or skreem for ice kreem. but lukily muh gardianz protecked me from them.

it wuz free, and i wuz there and i had muh own tabel!!! giving away muh lemeted addishawn komix numbar 2 and talking about muh blog!!! i met sum faymus peeple lyke jim woodring, paul pope, jose villarrubia, chester brown, seth, daniel clowes, and peter venkman. they all lyked muh komik and blog... sept seth, who wuz a dik kuz he hit me!!! (i think... that kuud also hav been paul, whoz such a rok star, but i still luv him!!).

((peepel lyning up to sea me!!!!))

aniwayz, it wuz a gud event and u suk if you werent there! but nawt at the end, cuz killer klownz showed up and killed everiwon left kuz it wuz klosing tyme and peepel were ideotz and hanging around me triing to get muh oughtograff even tho i wuz triing to go home. agan, i pretended i wuz murchandize and wuz eggnored.

~mr. fuzzypants

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