Monday, May 24, 2010

wii fit plus

this is muh furst wii gaym reevuu!! am gonna start with 'wii fit plus' kuz it wuz the furst gaym i played. it envulves the 'ballanse bord', which is saparate and kosts xtra - butt at lease you kan wai yurself now.

so their wuz this talk of wii fit plus cuz i wuz 'inaktyv' and needed to werk owt or sumthing. wutever, i dont even have a werking hart or bluud so wut does it matur? but thatz besidez the point. i started off by mayking my own 'mii' profile, and i look so fuzzi and stoned (thay say its neerly identekel). than, i got yelled at by this stuupid rektangel guy who sayz im too fat or sumthing. i wai like 20 grammez!!!

poizing fore teh win!!!

aniwaiz, therez theze tests u du to see how 'fit' yu are - aftur that, there are theze yoga thingz and strength thingz, and the best part are theze xtra gaymz.

wut iz with this chiki? idk...

i am wiked awesum at ballanse gamez, witch der are plenty, enkluding rithem gamez, balanse, strength, and poizing. itz designed to get u up yer fat assez and do sumthing 'hellthy'. thur is sum multiplayer, butt most of it is not siimualltayneus.

obstakle korse of doom...

so in summari, there iz yoga, strength, ballanse, and xersize aktivetez. it iz gud for hoening ballanse and doing sum strength yoga for thoze not so hawt for the jim. for sumone like me or, maybe squishy. itz gud kuz i dont have to leeve the haus to get 'fit', but for sumone who aktualy iz a snot and goez to the jim, they mite get more kardio there and strength their.

i give this gaym a A- for konsept n stuff.

~mr. fuzzypants

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