Tuesday, May 25, 2010


saadly, during teh long weakend, i wuz forsed to watch sum dum moovee kafka forsed me to watch, it wuz kalled 'petropolis', but i kall it poopaganda.

the moovee (and i losely kall it won), is about this majikal land kalled alburta, ware this blak majik substanse kalled 'oil' jast spreengz up from the grownd!! lyke id beleeve that. theze hipsturz are angri kuz theur kutting a few treez down to make ant hillz to farm this majikal substanse that powerz the uniiverze.

itz a reel snuuze fest, kuz theyre isent ani plot or akshawn or karakturz - jast piktur after piktur of all this oil and the faktoriez, and the little ants doing there thing to farm this majikal substanse. it wuz sorta lyke 'manufactured landscapez', but with nothing butt video pikturz. wutever.

kafka thought it wuz alarming and showz ensayn kallallsall inviralmentul damage that's the biggest in the wurld. i wundnt no kuz i slept threw it all.

i give this moovee a big D-, with the only sayving grase is the pretti pikturz - butt it's about nuthing and iz boring. however, kafka thinks it's an A- kuz itz pretti and it illestratez jast wut iz happening and itz stuupid. i think kafka's tayst in mooveez is stuupid. wutever.

~mr. fuzzypants

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