Friday, May 28, 2010

sherlock holmes

sum daiz ago, i wached this 'sherlock holmes' moovee. sherlock holmes is a peeriode peese with sum kun foo guy who mumblez to hymnself in sum wiiurd languiwh (kinda sounds like english). and he doez sum daidreeming.

he also doez sum wershipping of sum devel guy, but he bumbelz up his part in a retchuall and teh kabal get pissed and try to kill him. so he'z raysing throo london, getting drunk, getting into fihts, trying not to get killed buy teh kabel, and also trying not to shak it up with some hawt merikan chicki kuz she'z evil or sumething. waltson is theyre and is all pissi kuz sherlock kant even hold a jab.

ufc aniwon!?!??

it turnz out that sum devel lord is trying to steel the krown jewelz or wutever by killing everywon, so sherlock and watson, and the chikie all stop him - but than killer klownz appear in there entergallaktik spase ship and nuke london and the rest of the wurld, than sing and danse on there fried korpsez. the end.

the moovee wuz enturtayning for a hallewuud moovee, butt it wuz jast an akshawn moovee moor then anithing. i give it a B.

~mr. fuzzypants

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