Tuesday, May 4, 2010


i yoused to think i wuz a wiiurdo, butt than i went to fcbd (free komik buhk dai) at a komik buhk stoar and i wuz freeked out bi all teh wiiurdoz and geekz. this fcbd iz basikly a day of triing to get "reggyoular peeple" to reed komix bi offuring them free stuf and stayk dinnar daytz with arrtests, butt wut they get iz lots of wiirudoz and kostuumed peeple triing to be wiirudoz.

i wuz their, promoeting muh komik - furst ishu!!! but i got skared and tryed to hyde with sum akshawn fegurz. jast when it got reel krouded and skari, killer klownz showed up on der hovur bykes, killed everiwon butt me (kuz i looked like murchandize), and dansed on their smelli korpzez whyle singing. teh end.

this iz me in muh allturnative kostume (triing to hyde from teh freekz).

dr. manhaten wuz here shoing of hiz junk.

me and muh lemeted edishawn komik!!! (and sum wiirdo tuching me...)

their wuz epik fiytz going on.

butt, moestly wiirdoz triing to be kool.

theze guiz freeked me out...

me hyding from all of em, preetending to be murchandize.

no komment...

the skurel gui wuz reeely hungri.

~mr. fuzzypants

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