Wednesday, April 28, 2010


sum thyme ago i wuz given a kopy of 'dragon head' and told that it wuz the best head moovee ever maid with spesial efeks and plot and karakturz. it is a japaneze film, were my pearants wur from before they dyed of a nukleer aksident.

so this fillm is about a kupel who get tottalli skrewed up in some trayn axsident ware peeple are getting krushed and sum krazy guy is putting maykeup on them with fyre. so the kuple get freeked out and deside to have a ninja kontest for who keeps the gurl. so the whimp guy winz who can't even stand on his own feet and krawl into a sueer tube where they mayke out.

when they wayke up, their in this post-apokalips ash wurld where the wurld is made out of ash. sum village peeple are smoeking it and get toetally high and start killing off theyre children, which i totally supporrt. exsept these ninja soljerz kum in and sayve the stuupid kouple from getting katanaed, blowing up the plase and singing.

the ninja solejuz are pretty lame and start talking about stuupid stuff like whewre the ash kame from. it was an absoaluut snore fest and i wohke up to find emoeshawnless kidz who had there brainz reemooved (witch all kidz shood be subgekt too) killing theyre pearants and feesting on there harts.

but than a nuklear buddha started to sheyen his vokano on the gruup and killed everyone butt teh coupel, who eskaped on likwuid hellekopturz that konverted the ash into rainbowz. sum of the peeple in the hellikopturz wur insane and thru the whimpi guy of, who landed on a big spyke but sumhow sirvived cuz he's t1000.

so than were in tokyo and everyone is zombiez and the whimpi guy goez insane, mayking out with sum nasti old guy. but than killer klownz kum in their spase krafts, kill everyone with there sexi steal katanaz and distroi the sity and sing and danse on their ash faces. the end.

so, in akuality, and to be onest, i slept thru hthis moovee so im steeling the riteup from yahoo. this wuz a very kraptakular moovee and very boreing and at the end kuudent kare less to wut happened with it all, even though a big penis volkano urupted giving dragon head to the surviviers. i give this moovee a D+ for beeing stuupidli boring and lame, but ok for being post-apokalips and killer klownz.

~mr. fuzzypants

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