Tuesday, April 20, 2010

faith and the muse konsurt

last nite i saw 'faith and the muse' at 'el mocambo' in 'toronto', with 'johnny hollow' playing furst. it wuz muh furst konsurt ever~!!

now, theze daiz i find it very hard to go out. itz cuz peeple are prehjudise aginst me. they make fun of me and kik me arownd like im a nerf ball or whatever. i am a reel person!!! i hate all u jurks who are abuseve or egnor me!!! from now on, im on a stryk to not speek when haturz are neer - itz dayngerus and their stuupid.

so apearantli, it wuz a 'gath' konsurt - sumthing squishy and kafka klaim they 'do', but i dont think they kno whut it is. wut it meenz to be in a gath konsurt meenz to dress up in blak, be snuutty, and pretend lyke u dont kare. wut bugz me about this gath kulthur is that peeple are reelly obsesed with klothez and being a dik about who is 'gath' and who isn't. itz like their in hi skool and their cheerleedurz or sumthing. they may do have gud fashon skillz and gud taste in musek, but they haited muh whyt tuxedo and tye....

johnny hollow was furst and they played songs i never herd befor, but it wuz gud. the problem, i fownd, wuz the base wuz TO HI!!! it wuz bloing the speekurz i think. but i lyked there sownd and ill try and find tere musek agan.

then some wiked witch kalled 'sarah' djed it up - she wuz like an imp or sumthing, kute in her evil tutu dress and dansing it up with her ink. than faith and the muse were on.

they started with sum 'serpentine' danser with reeelyy long fingurnailz that she needed to kut - they were 3 feet long!!! she slowly did sum danse and then other peeple with geetar swordz showed up and killed the furst row of peeple in the audyance with there riffs. sum hawt khelloist with a dubble moehahk used her bo as an arro and hit a gui in the eye. it wuz awesum. they then took there japaneze 'taiko' drums and sumoned evil godz onto the stage. they then attaked more peeple in the audyance, with the godz klawing there iiz out with there kute little klaz.

than, two geetarests were there and they slawtured more peeple with there geetar riffs - it wuz reeel bloody and skari.

i wuz skared theyd kum for me, but they egnored me, so i left reel late, blud all over muh feet.

the purrformanse wuz grate, with grate kostumez and hot chiks and kool dudez. i want to be a gath-rock geetar slaier or khelloist!!! as i saed before, the only bad thing wuz the stuupid base - tern it down!!!!!

~mr. fuzzypants

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