Friday, April 23, 2010

losers moovee reevuu

i wuz envited by amc to watch this moovee kalled 'the losers'. i wuzn't axpoused to a siloette of sum kak n' ballz with weenz, jest a bunch of crappy traylurz of mooveez ill never sea.

so the moovee itz about a bunch of frat boiz streight from yale who think there hawt shit cuz there daddiez payd there edyoukashawn. than they dress up in armi fahteegez, dreyeveeng yello pintoz and pretend there flyboiz. theiz guiz are obsessed with gunz, nivez and bazookaz and bloing up crap - and gurlz (ehspesially the hawt uhura chickie who shaks it up with the vulkan).

then therez this dweeb kalled max who thiks hez hawt shit cuz he warez a suut and keelz peepel. so wut? aniwayz, he wants to chanje the planz cuz the losers no to much (the armi-yale boiz). then this geeky-buffed guy saiz 'good timez' and lauffs.

so apearrently, there not soljer-yale boiz, but fugetivez, and that they have to steel there lives bak. then ohura has a 'buizness propasaision' for 'klay'. witch i think is fight-sex (sumthing akshawn peeple are into). but the thing ohura wants to do is kill the luzerz on sum sueehside pak thing (sumthing about saving the spase-thyme kontinuum for spok i guess). then, the geek-buff guy saiz sumthing, but i wuzn't paing attenshawn kuz i was fokusing on his pink shurt. but afftur that, they rize from the ded. there like undead luzers warring with the see eye eh. and shez all bazooka crazy. then sum 'blak mcguivur' makes more bazookaz and firez them randomly. the geek-buff guy is shoawning his junk to sum ladiez, but then he shoawz his awsum envizeble gun tekneekeh.

but jest when thingz seem to be going fur them, theze killer klownz from outer spase ahrive, keel everyone, and danses on there horrebly disfegured bodies before their off agan.

now, when watching this moovee, i kant help but think of the a-teem. except there not a-teem. this moovee wuz ok, but i kant but think that it coulda been better... or maybe it wuz the eer plugs kuz i couldnt heer anything. or maybe it wuz the fat dik who kept kiking my chair and lauffing at the lokatshawn titles. what a dik.

i give this film a B-. it wuz ok, and it had ohura in it, but i lieked 'kick-ass' better. the end.

~mr. fuzzypants

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