Tuesday, April 13, 2010

burfdai partai

so i have been away for a long time. it iz becauz the huemonz thout they were buzi with skool, werk, and sleeping, or watever. they say itz cuz -i- have been sleeeping, which is tru also. i need muh beeuti sleep.

so i watched this moovee kalled 'utu' and it had this mahree guy keeling brits. it wuz good and now theres talk of having the next kat (like we need MOOR brats around here...) named in their speerit.

anywayz, i boht a 'wii' and play it all the time now. i play all the gamez and im super gud at it. i guess i can reevuu them to.

yesturdai was aparently kafka's burfdai and he got all the atenshawn. akchewally, he wuz studiing all day and did some theeng kalled a 'exham', which took him all knight cuz hes stuupid. he got home at 10pm and got stuupid drunk on ice kreem kake. reelly, they were konfuzed as it wuz MY burfdai and not hiz kuz he wanted atenshawn for himself and not me. so it wuz my burdai and i got lots of presentz and had lotz of kake. squishy gave ME the kake cuz it wuz MYH burdai. YAY!!!

so im also lerning the geetar and one dai will be in my own band.

~mr. fuzzypants

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