Sunday, February 14, 2010

tusk (alejandro jodorowsky)

sum tyme ago i wahched this moovee kalled 'tusk' by 'alejandro jodorowsky'. this moovee is so rareh i kud only find veri feu pikturz and no trailurz.

this is an epik moovee about the eturnal batle beetween ellefant vs ellefant vs smelli britz. itz also about ugly drunk poechurz vs there own stuupidety.

in tusk, their iz an ellefant in twilyt zown chaysing a gurl in a sykodelik geetar riff, with a angri brit man yelling at peeple cuz there not britesh.

the star of the moovee iz the spydur monkee karaker who i kall 'boo', who hangz out with teh stuupid poechurz cuz thei tallerate hiz poo toassing. but than this smelli brit chikie bekumz 'indyan' by wareing a dress and lissening to 'indyan' musik, witch makes the angri brit angri, who than yellz cuz hez a dik. but than the angri brit is beeten by a merikan dik.

but than killer klownz appeer and have a epik battel with the ellefant, lasting three weaks, destroiing parts of azsha and sinking briteon below the oceasn. everiwon wuz killed cedpt teh spydur monkee, who inhairited teh eerth.

this moovee wuz reeeeeellly boring and lame and everiwon wuz talking in sum languwag that no onez ever hurd befor, so i give this moovee a D, (without the spydur monkee it iz F).

~mr. fuzzypants

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