Wednesday, February 3, 2010


finally i get to rite here, we just mooved like three weeks ago but its been reel rought. th3e smellies say they dont ever want to moove again it was that bad. wutever, i think t hey're lazy and stuupid.

so they place is a reel mess, but my bed is ready so thats all i kare about.
they also got t his game thing called 'wii' and force me to do exersize - its tortur!!!

surprizingly, havent seen any nu mooveez - im avoydeen the tuuth farey like the plaque. x-filz... sex and the sity (my favorite!!!!!).

so i wuz wallking on cohlegg street when i notised sumthing. peeple are reeely stuupid wallkerz!! they must be drunk or druged or just awfull persunz cuz they alwayz cant wallk straht and allwayz wallk towardz you (or lean towardz where youre triing to pass) in an attempt to slow you down or bump into you. its like peeple are out there to block you from where youre going and are just assholez.

i hate peeple!!!

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