Sunday, February 7, 2010

'big trouble in little china'

yesturday i got to watch the kurt russell klassik: "big trouble in little china". russell was on top of his game, delivering a wundarful perphormanse of a misunderstud truck driver tring to make ends meat. there is so much depth and komplexity to his karaktur that one thinks of fryday the 13th or gostbusturs.

of korse, 'jack', as they kall hiim, is supported by a wundurful cirkus of purformerz who do wild and krazy stunts to delite the krowd. i think i remember fire eaters, or dansers... or just fire. they help jack basikally fight kommunist kun foo fighters with godly powers like twurling blades and bad breath.

the stori starts off with jack talking about how grate he is and how you'd be an ideot to think the supernateral doesn't exest, cuz it does. then we are shown all t hese tempelz and ornait thingz and festevalz, talk of dark majik, and flying gurls, and then it eruapts into an epik fight seen... kind of reminding me of that one restling seen in 'they live', where the mane guy pyle-drivs his best friend into waring his sunglassez - smart, sexi steff.

then jack makes out with that sex in the sity chicky and it gets awesum and just when you think the godz are dead, they summan an army of killer klownz as their finally attak and kill jack and his friends. the end.

i thought it wuz relly well dune, especially the end part. i give it a B for boldness.

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