Saturday, February 13, 2010

sexy in the sity

its thyme for the reevuu for the best moovee ever maid... 'sex in the city'!!!

i want to start off with the best seen, where charlotte poops herself because shes a fareytail.

now, ive heared chiks and gay peeple hate it cuz it has gurlz where gurlz can be rich and wellthy and have jobs and be ideots when it comes to relayshawnships. but what i think is that its fine being filtchy rich as a gurl, but just odn't talk about guyz and sex as much as they do cauze they sound nearotik and desparate.

so the moovee starts us off with gratooetus stak footage of man-hattan - cuz i guess sex in dallas just aint the same as new york. then we see jon 'mr big' smuck lay his moves on carrie. carrie gets into it and starts dansing alone in her kloset nakkid. there is this talk of 'fareytale' endings and how itd suck, but then mr big freaks out cuz he doesnst have 200 friends and runs away. carrie puts on the chace running around sentral park looking for him, looking like alice and wundurland. then this chick from dreamgurls appers and does carries laandry, klaiming st lousie is better than new york. 'steve' then donates his sperm to charlotte who then bears konjoined twins with horns and wings. and samantha fights off an invading hoarde of zombie ex lovers with flassid sushi.

but jest when you think things will be okai, carrie gets huemilliated at the prom by a bunch of brats with the dumping of blood on her dress as she sings on stage and she freeks out. she blows up the gim, half the town, and kills her stuupid reeligus nut mother by emplooding the house. then, she shacks it up with the rushan dude in paris while the dreamgirls chicky gets a promotion at vohgeh to take over the bizness... but then killer klownz appear in there interglattic spaseship and kill her cuz shes the only black charaker in the moovee. the end.

i give this moovee a A++++++

~mr. fuzzypants

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