Sunday, August 30, 2009

stuupid konvenchion

yesturday, the smellies went to somting kalled the fan ahxbo oh nein. their, hords of geeks, nerds, and plushies took over sumthin caled a konvenchon senter neir the see-an toweler.

it wuz grate - cep i wuznt thier!! thoze basterds leff me at home agan!!! thayv sean starz, artests, and lotz of tings to baye - wich thei did.... sortta.

thei said 'squishy', the ather smelli, had to werk the hol day and nnight - thei sai it waz ful of 'geeks' and 'nerds' and ather 'weirdos', so thei fealt at home. tans of piktur books, toiz, and deeveedees. thei saee thei met sum won kaled 'bruce campbell' - but i dont beeleev it - hez to kool. kafka said he won sum termenateor deeveedee (frum teh spase chanel guiz) seereez or sumting.

thei diddnt taek pics, or get drahingz. jest sum komix stuf, and mooveez, and sum i-bal theeng. stuupid smellies.

i hate tem... ok not allwayz, sumtymz they ok.

~mr. fuzzypants

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