Monday, August 31, 2009

mi 1st moovee reevuu!!

ok so it wuz suhjestd that i add in sum reevuuz fore this blogg, so im gonna poste sum mooveez and gaimz reevuuz!!!

yasturdai, i whachd 'franklyn', whuch iz this straenje movie about london - unn no-no, meenwhiel sity. peepel werr stuupid on reelegon or sumthing and this kloked guy is sappoze to sav them. but were in lundon, and i got konfuzed. some peepel having ehshuez with ther mum, or whives, or sumthing... peepel triing to kil themsellvz.

i got konfuzed... but i wuz told aftur the moovee abot wut hapend, and it iz sappoze to cum togeter, not like linch (who always confuzes me). steempaunk wuz kool - i liked the kostooms and meenwhiel sity. yett, it seamed like 2 mooveez - it wuz enturesting, but neaded sumting to et. the moovee wuz ok, but it coud hav been beter had it been mour pallishd arond the edjez.

i gev it 2.5 out of 5 poops.


~mr. fuzzypants

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